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Shea Buttah
The Herbal Kids

A Children's Book Series
By Shonta Watson

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Shea Buttah's First Day of School

Today is Shea Buttah’s first day at the Holistic School for Performing Arts and Science. Here she meets her new teacher, Mrs. Sage, who encourages the importance of self love and respect for the ancestors who paved the way throughout history. She also learns about healthy eating, love for their culture, as well as love for their community, family, friends, and Momma Earth. Soon, Shea meets her friends Almond Joi, Ginger Root, and Kwanzaa. Together they create a day of fun loving adventures during their first day of school. The Herbal Kids are smart, funny, cool, sassy, and ready to take on the world. It’s a great story for the whole family.

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Shea Buttah and The Herbal Kids Presents: Herbal Affirmations

The Herbal Affirmations are simple loving and inspiring affirmations for children to uplift their mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. This is the second book extending from the Shea Buttah and The Herbal Kids Series. Herbal Affirmations speaks life, love, laughter, community, family, friendship, and God's presence into the lives of children everywhere. These affirmations are a great way for parents and children to bond in love, peace, and grow healthy relationships.

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Meet the Herbal Kids

"We Control the Cool!"

Shea Buttah


Almond Joi


Kwanzaa Ujima

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Ginger Root

 Follow the Herbal Kids crew as they embark on a fun filled journey of laughter, joy, and friendship building. Shea Buttah and the Herbal Kids are the epitome of black kid joy. The Herbal Kids are smart, funny, creative, and colorful.







The Herbal Affirmations is the second book published from the Shea Buttah and The Herbal Kids Series. This book was written with the intention to uplift black and brown children in a world that diminishes their humanity because of the color of their skin. In the beginning of the book the author (Shonta Watson) writes a love letter to children explaining the importance and beauty of their existence.


These affirmations are healthy and simple tools that were created to assist children with knowing they are beautiful regardless of the ignorance the world tries to perpetuate on their beings. The author refers to black and brown children as “Black Diamonds”. Her definition for the term means: Rare, rich, cultured, powerful, priceless, creative, spiritual, and natural resources from God.



"The was a lovely read! The main characters eagerness to learn will make any child excited about going back to school! I appreciated the representation and the free spirit vibes each character possessed! This a great book to have in home and classroom libraries!"

Kayla Spears
Meet Author
"Education is the passport to the future; for tomorrow belongs those who prepare for it TODAY" - Malcolm X

     Shonta Watson is a self-published author born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. On June 19th of 2017, she created five characters: Shea Buttah Johnson, Almond Joi Jones, Ginger Root Robinson, Kwanzaa Ujima Davis, and Thurgood James. She called them the “Shea Buttah and The Herbal Kids” The Herbal Kids were later created into bright and colorful paintings she would sell. 

     In April of 2019, she released her first book entitled: "Shea Buttah’s First Day of School”. Her idea was inspired by her daughter, Ricki, and her favorite creative, Charles Shultz, the creator of "Charlie Brown". 

     As a child, Shonta, she enjoyed reading exciting stories that centered around children laughing, being imaginative, colorful, spunky, sassy, fun and free. Shonta has been a part of the educational system for twenty years. Her journey began in Facilities Management and Maintenance back in 2001with the School District of Philadelphia. She then transitioned to the paraprofessional position of Supportive Service Assistant in 2009.  In 2012 she moved to Baltimore, MD where she began working as a Therapeutic Support Assistant for students with various disabilities. Her ambition to assist with being a change-maker is what fuels her to be the change she wants to see in the world.

     In January 2021, she released her second book from the Herbal Kids series entitled: "Shea Buttah and The Herbal Kids Presents: Herbal Affirmations". Her goal is to make reading fun for young children of today. Shonta believes a great book can bring out the best in a child’s imagination and creativity. 

Meet Author, Shonta Watson

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