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This year will go down in history as one of the key factors that assisted with pushing humanity forward for the greater. So much death and revelation has come to light in the lives of every human existing on the planet. Death and Rebirth of systems are the basis of what this year represents. COVID alone is wiping out the old ways in how we commune as human beings due to the origins and symptoms that come along with this illness. Thousands of families are mourning the deaths of close loved ones, friends, co-workers, or just someone you may know. Grief is so heavy upon us as a society because no one knows what tomorrow or the next month will bring. Yet, we still move forward in FAITH and BELIEVE in GOD that this too shall pass as all pandemics have ravaged throughout centuries.

Where do we go from here as humanity?

Will we hold onto our spiritual beliefs with the understanding that we have no control over what is happening in the atmosphere?

2020 is no one’s friend. This moment in time is forcing humanity to level up in their Godly Purpose and Mission. We need each other more than ever during these times of trial and uncertainty. Collaborations with others who we usually wouldn’t align with will become the new normal in order to recover from this year’s turmoil. The rebirth of individuals doing the work to heal the inner wounds within is one of the greatest gifts this year has provided. Our spirits and souls needed this time out to regroup from this sick and chaotic society we live in. The breakdowns that reemerge into breakthroughs create new visions and behaviors that are in conjunction to our necessary healing.

I am thankful for this time out. We “ALL” needed to pause and take a deep look within ourselves to reorganize how we exist on a daily basis. Self-Reflection is Self-Care!!…

This year taught me to just surrender and let go of things that I think is supposed to be. I learned my prosperity flows through my generational healing. Not just my own. COVID forced me to be still and silent to watch everything around me unfold. Woooo…. the vision is distorted but beautiful all at the same time. I met and worshipped with some wonderful men and women from different areas of the world. I was able to connect with 5 generations of my matriarchal bloodline. Amongst other things needed to go along with the healing process.

I don’t like you 2020. On the flip side, I respect your gangsta in how you’ve dismantled the ego that lies beneath. From this point moving forward I see nothing but greatness rising from the ashes of this chaos our lives have experienced since 2020 arrived at everyone’s doorstep. Nothing will be the same once Spirit finishes doing its job breaking down the unjust, we continue to operate in. It’s a beautiful time to be alive even in the shadows of uncertainty. This year is overwhelming and exhausting within itself. Mental and Emotional self-care will be the new lifestyle for most of us who want to change and BE FREE. Healing ourselves and our families is one of the major components for our longevity moving forward in order for us to survive in the journey ahead.

I don’t like you 2020. However, I am thankful for the REBIRTH that comes from your destruction.

There is no cure for birth and death, save to enjoy the interval. The dark background which death supplies brings out the tender colors of life in all their purity. ———-George Santayana

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