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"Happy to Be Nappy!"
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Love is colorblind

Love is Universal law

Love operates in the seen and the unseen

Love is spiritual

Love gives clarity

Love is discernment

Love is a sacred ritual that should be practiced every second, minute, and hour of the day.

Love creates boundaries

Love is not perfect

Love is self-care

Love is solitude

Love allows us to find that silent space in the mind

Love doesn't operate in racism

Love is not war

Love honors all of God's creation

Love stands on morality and principle

Love says: No!! gives us the power to let go when it is no longer valued or reciprocated

Love demands for you to stand in the mirror to embrace every inch of your imperfections

Love heals wounds that were malfunctioned by life's circumstances and transgressions.

Love gives us permission to always forgive

Love gives us permission to see life beyond our distorted vision

Love has various languages

Love doesn't require struggle

Love is organic. It is not forced

Love gives you the FREEDOM to live your best life

Love does not keep you in a mental, emotional, or spiritual prison

Love supports your dreams and ambitions

Love tells you the truth despite how challenging it may be

Love is accountable

Love holds your hand through our human suffering

Love protects you from the evil eye and vicious tongues

Love complements and supports your growth

Love requires communication

Love does not behave with jealousy and envy

Love is vulnerability

Love challenges you to show up in life with truth, humility, and empowerment

Love gives us permission to always fall in love again

Love prays for your existence to have longevity, prosperity, and legacy

Love wants to break generational curses with you

Love is not afraid of the enemy that lies within.

Love is compassion, empathy, courage, and trusting yourself.

Love is not selfish

Love does not dim one's light

Love does not hide in secrecy

Love is cultural

Love is vibrational. It never loses its rhythm.


Love protects self and each other from harm

Love has sacred mysteries that we as humans are still learning as we evolve

Love is commitment

Love is balance

Love respects individuals’ sexuality

Love is not afraid to express itself

Love is more powerful than hate


Love is freedom


Love will force humanity to surrender its ego in order to bring forth healthier systems

Love is PEACE

Love is community

Love is the Sun

Love navigates through bodies of water

Love lives in the trees

Love is Mother Nature

Love is consistent

Love is an act of intimacy and sensuality

Love is courage

Love knows when to let go and move forward

Love is royalty

Love is revolutionary

Love is radical


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