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Black Diamonds

Updated: Feb 19

Describing how DOPE our children are will take too many lifetimes. Our main focus is to always provide a clear path for the next generation. The mission to honor our Elders and Ancestors legacy is the blueprint to assisting with our fight for freedom. As melanated people, we have a different agreement with the Universe. Our Divine Source/God walks with us through the Shadows of Death here on this Earthly soil. WE ARE THE EARTH.

Our different skin tones showcase the elements of Mother Earth individually. The texture of our hair symbolizes strength and honor. Our love for creating masterpieces with our crown’s examples one of our many abilities to shape the culture. Everyone wants to be like us. But FEAR to walk in our shoes. Folks say they are comfortable with equality, but are they really?

Fannie Lou Hamer said: Nobody is FREE. Until EVERYONE IS FREE.

Sometimes, we struggle making sense with this blind justice system. The way non melanated individuals view our blackness is a rabbit hole that many of us don’t want to be bothered with. I get it. There are so many unsolved layers to our experience here in America. Our virtual reality through our eyes can see the unjust against our people. The media projects the constant distress of our plights and struggles. Never really showing good examples of our culture. We have to fight just to tell our own stories. Even sometimes sell our souls to make strides for a greater tomorrow. I’m proud of the strides we’ve made given our abuse.

Our fight for freedom is still in effect. There are loads of individuals doing the best they can planting the seeds for a better generation. Our right to reclaim who we are as individuals and a community time is now. Did we really hear Marvin when he said: “SAVE THE BABIES” on the “What’s Going On” album? His anointing while creating that masterpiece cannot be duplicated. This album was light years ahead of its time. He was singing the same tune as we are experiencing today. Brother Marvin was demonized for creating this work of art. It was too black. Too Soulful. Too RAW. And too HONEST for the likes of Marvin’s peers and listeners.

Our babies are still feeling the torment here in The Land of Oz (America). Mother Harriet said “Always remember you have the STRENGTH, the PATIENCE and the PASSION to reach for the stars. To change the world” It has taken too many lifetimes to explain the plights of Africans.

Our joy and pain are sliced with a double edge sword. We get lost in the wilderness each time the Wizard does a different magic trick. Today’s generation just wants to breathe better than those before them.

Yet, they can’t catch a break due to the written laws that state we are less than human. We are walking black diamonds. Rare and beautiful all at the same time. If we were to unplug from this nation.

Where would it be? Truthfully, it would crumble. This country was built off the backs of our Ancestors. Yes, we reap tiny fragments and benefits of what they built. But we are still fighting for equality. The necessities we need to thrive in our respective communities is limited. We are deprived from so many resources.

Our communities are being remastered due to gentrification. The fine print to this diabolical scheme is bigger than what some of our eyes can see. Some of us can barely breathe because of our experience due to trauma. Our youth refuse to run. They will burn this country down before they run again. Our youth just need the correct guidance to play on the chess board. Problem is, there’s no integrity from the oppressors.

As adults we have to look in the mirror and not hide in FEAR from our part in tainting the culture. I’m taking it one step at a time to uproot and replant the seeds of future generations. It’s our lives.

Our babies.

Our Community.

Our Responsibility.

We can’t ask the Wizard for FREEDOM when his power is our oppression. The Wizard’s job is to keep us easing on down the road, so we will never figure out our TRUE POWER AND PURPOSE. Our past will forever haunt us until we face the truth about ourselves. We already know this system is not for us. It was written and hidden through LITERACY and our natural resources granted by our Divine Source.

Our blackness is a GIFT and a curse. The seeds we plant today with our voices and community will manifest the fruit for our future descendants. Love Conquers Hate. May we Heal within. Let’s continue to do the grassroots work on the frontlines. It doesn’t matter how big or small. Accountability is the Key. Let us love each other. Be patient with one another. Forgive ourselves because of our experience. Let us take our time to breathe.

Our DNA is unconsciously telling us to stop running. Our babies need us to reprogram the paradigm and learn to collectively LOVE each other again.

We owe it to God.

Our Ancestors

And Ourselves


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