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2020 is the Year of Revealing the secrets and lies hiding behind the curtain in the Land of Oz. Most of us are not ready for the truth of our own lives. So, it’s going to be pretty hard to see the truth beyond your comfort zone.

I am certain that if we could get another chance around the Monopoly board of 2019, some of us would be the first in line. (lol) Truth is we should get adjusted to this new change in all of our lives. The time is NOW. It is necessary for all humans to change their ways. Submit to the change that is loud, live and in color for our optics. The Creator’s energy is so powerful that none of us will be able to manipulate the vibration of his/her order. We are feeling the effects of the Divine as we speak.

Are we ready for the change?

Or will we continue to ego trip ourselves into extinction?

It’s time to surrender to our trauma within so we can navigate the rebuilding of the community and the world. Organizing from a grassroots level is the key to reshape the destructive culture that is keeping our people in the choke hold. There is a substantial amount of us who can’t breathe. 2020 is snatching everything in sight if we allow that spirit to ravish our lives. As humans, we can do better than this. I refuse to believe a masterful creation orchestrated from God such as human beings can’t evolve. The omnipotence of God’s disciplined order will reign despite the ignorance in man thinking he will have the power to rule forever.

Will the black and brown community continue to allow the Wizard’s poison to keep us from seeing our true divinity?

Are we okay with being still to listen to the voice within so we can find our power?

This healing load we have to unpack is HEAVY.

Yet, it is possible to embrace.

We have the power to change the narratives if we stop killing and damaging our culture here in America. Taking care of our families is the root of creating a higher vibration in our homes and neighborhoods. Black men, women, children, and elders are scared to death of one another. Trust, honor, and integrity is what some folks lack within. Generations of addiction robbed us of our humanity. Addiction took our fathers, mothers, aunties, uncles, cousins, and neighborhoods. It drove a huge wedge in the family structure in how we are naturally supposed to exist in our communities. Systematic oppression is the pyramid scheme behind the spell.


It is time to release all of the trauma locked in our cellular and DNA codes.

Are we ready?

Black and brown folks have to stop being afraid of the dysfunction we’ve experienced in our upbringings. Uproot that ugly weed called “trauma”. Each day we hold onto our pain, we will commit a constant cycle of self-genocide. Tap into our trusted homie called “FORGIVENESS”. We can start by forgiving ourselves. It is okay to take your time to do the internal work so your family and future descendants can have a better walk. Feed yourself the Divine’s dosage of “FORGIVENESS”.


I pray that we stop abusing each other to make ourselves feel more superior than the other. When you bite indiscriminately, you end up eating your own tail. (African Proverb)

All of us in our respected communities play a part in the destruction we face as black men, women, children, and elders. We are too separated and divided in our mission. But we “all” share the same common suffering: BEING BLACK. The Master Wizard has done a number on our people…smh…

And we BREATHE!!

Is our need to behave like the oppressor more valuable than our internal healing?

“It is our duty to fight for our freedom. It is our duty to win. We must love each other and support each other. We have nothing to lose but our chains” —— Assata Shakur

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