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Culture Shift

2020 is the start of a different CULTURE SHIFT. I feel it. I can see the world changing in a way that makes White America very uncomfortable.

We’ve lost too many of our people due to racism and privilege throughout generations. The spiritual warfare on our lives is damaging to the Descendants of Enslaved Africans lineage. They want to eradicate our children and families, so a new nation of leaders won’t rise.

Racism is using every orchestrated scheme to stay in power.

Our children are hurting from the pain we continue to perpetuate in their lives as well. I want us to love our mental health and community the way we love our materialism.

Our babies are FEARLESS.

That is a great emotion to have. They just need love. Attention. An organized plan from those with more experience. Hope. Assurance of who they are. Reminding them daily they are worthy. While speaking God’s protection over their existence. The youth have the ability to change the coding of the future if provided the proper resources.

We all need each other.

There’s no room to leave anyone out. We need a clear agenda to live fruitfully in our respected communities. Learn to hear out each other peacefully and effectively. Sometimes, I think our uncomfortability with facing trauma prohibits us all from hearing one another.

We get triggered easily. I understand why all at the same time. WE NEED HEALING. Along with economics, education, health, land, and honest politics. I think we can all respectively agree with this.

Our babies need US!!

They need to see those above them “doing the best they can to heal”. They are afraid the future is not in alignment for their well-being. Chat with them sometimes. Including the little tots. You’ll be amazed at how much their opinions need to be taking into consideration. Their emotions are honest and pure. Children have a colorful insight of the world. We as adults sometimes minimize their opinions as if it doesn’t matter.

Our babies can assist us with healthier ways of thinking. The youth create CULTURE SHIFTS. While we have the blueprints to help them build. HEALING IS THE KEY.

A change is already here. Walls have to be broken down in order for humanity to move forward. I watched an interview with Cicely Tyson quoting: “I don’t think we’ve given the next generation much to continue on with in the future” That made me nervous and a little afraid.

Yet, I refuse to give up on God’s promises. I trust we will change the world for a greater tomorrow. We just need to take our time and respectfully hear each other out. We may not agree on every platform. However, I think we have enough knowledge to organize a clear agenda to move forward.

No matter how big or small we add to build the community. As long as we are doing the best, we can make change. The narrative will shift. Our Ancestors did it with less resources for us to be where we are today.

I know we can take it further. I just love us. Even when it doesn’t make sense. “I love black people.”

We all have to plant healthier seeds. Including those who don’t look like us.

There are so many folks on the front lines in our communities working immensely to move us forward. They are the unsung heroes.


It’s in our nature to be Divine. This is why they hate us. As I said on a previous blog post: We Have a Different Organization with the Universe.

We are Black Diamonds.

Our existence battles through the hardest trials and tribulations. Yet, we still manage to produce beauty in the abyss of genocide.


I’ve never seen so many black and brown children graduating college, getting degrees, and glowing up like this. It’s a beautiful thing. Social media opened the door for us to see how dope we all are.


We are kicking doors down by any means necessary. Our voices and influence are breaking down barriers. Let us continue to push forward while those who are against us cringe inside every time, they see one of our Black Diamonds shine.


Now we are on PAUSE due to COVID-19. God is trying to show us something. Corona is not just a virus. It’s also a glitch in our humanity.


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