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Fear of A Black and Brown Planet

The fear of a black and brown planet has plagued the minds, hearts, and souls of those who are afraid of our existence. Each day we wake up, we’re fearing for our lives. We operate in a fight or flight state each day we live and breathe on American soil. Our Ancestors were shackled, beaten, abused, and brainwashed the moment we stepped on those ships to the New World. There was a culture that already existed in this country before we arrived here. Our Native sistahs and brothas were extinguished from their respected reservations. Supremacy used every inhumane tactic to build their generational wealth and oppressive structures to establish power. The plan to diminish the souls and voices of indigenous people continues to be televised through media, books, and our physical reality.

We unconsciously feel the aches and pains through our bones. Through our DNA. It shows up in our behavior in how we treat one another. Our families and communities are slowly dying at alarming rates from the orchestrated plan created from the Wizard behind the curtain. The Wizard shows up in so many different faces and facades. Who can we really trust? My people have to play the game of switching alter egos to achieve this so-called American dream. Where do we go from here? The lies and spells that are plagued upon our children is beyond what words can display at this point. Each day we have to look at the news, social media, the newspaper, or just word of mouth hearing about one of our babies losing their lives due to the irresponsible behavior of law enforcement. They destroy our babies with providing poor education. Lack of funding for the betterment of community. Politicians smile for the cameras as if they care. While secretly having their hands in the cookie jar stealing profits for their own gain. Communities are infected with limited food choices. Lack of quality medical services that can improve the lives of families.

Drugs continue to swarm every inner city wiping out generations of good-hearted people. Our babies can’t go outside just to enjoy Momma Earth due to our own destructive mindsets and behaviors amongst each other. Our lack of knowledge will continue to perish our villages if we don’t take a stand to re-shift this unhealthy culture. We are beautiful in every sense of the way. From our different courses of hair. To our skin. Our body structures. Our full lips and noses. The different shades of black and brown faces. To our flavorful style and flamboyant mannerisms. We came to a country that robbed us of our spirituality. Our roots. As well as our ability to naturally thrive in a paradigm that continues to keep us walking in those blurred lines. Yet, through all of abuse and horrific turmoil we’ve experienced in this land. We’ve still managed to create a culture on this soil that is committed to destroying our humanity. They fear our natural agreement we have with the Universe. One day we will ALL BE FREE!!



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