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Happy Birthday, Grandmom Dorothy

Today is your 97th birthday Grandmom. I will speak your name with LOVE, PEACE, JOY, HUMILITY, HONOR, COMPASSION, EMPATHY, and UNDERSTANDING to your human suffering that was placed within our bloodline. You were born in a time when certain freedoms were looked upon with a frown and shame. It is said that you were such a beautiful woman. You had style, beauty, character, grace and loved to dance the night away. I see that is where your great-granddaughter gets it from. Her joy and freedom are in the sway in which she serves God in her movement. It shows her anointing in every step that she takes. I see you in her when she graces the stage. Grandmom, they also said you didn’t take no mess. I see that behavior in myself as I continue with my physical journey. I refuse to continue living life without healing ancestral bondage. For 59 years your name has been locked in a cage due to behaviors and trauma of the past. It is understood why hurt occurs in the hearts and minds of others. My compassion and empathy for the suffering is what helped me be in formation to speak your name out loud.

Grandmom, you were colorful and also dark all at the same time. I guess you were multiple colors in the crayon box of life. I’ve known since a young kid your story and refuse to hold it against you. We’ve all did some things we may have been ashamed of. However, I refuse to walk in shame of any aspect of my life. I speak POWER to the DARKNESS because the stars still shine bright in the sky while pitch black. I LOVE YOU GRANDMOM DOROTHY. You left such a beautiful legacy in all of us. Each time I see my Mother, aunties, cousins, and loved ones I see the beauty and magic in which came through your portal (womb). They say you were sensual and sassy. A smooth way in how you moved. It is also said the pain behind it. I FORGIVE YOU GRANDMOM. You did the best you could with the limited tools you had. Heck, a lot of us are still operating on limited tools. Especially when it comes to the value of LOVE AND FORGIVENESS.

Most humans are working through that publicly and behind the scenes. Humans have this funny way of thinking we must continue to move forward while open wounds of the past are still left bleeding because of strife, discord, and shame. I refuse to judge because I am still working through wounds. I know what I’ve carried is not just what I created but also what was unconsciously given to me. I make PEACE with that. It is Godly and part of my assignment for the PURPOSE. The triple S’s of (Slavery, Shame, and Secrets) is the damage of most black families. I understand why things needed to be kept a secret to protect others throughout generations. Now, we are in 2020. The chains are broken. I speak POWER over your name GRANDMOM DOROTHY.

Today is your 97th birthday. It is POWER in this number. It is Godly. It is holy. I know you are on the other side with the Mother Queens cutting up. I know you and my Beloved Uncles are in JOY being able to be with one another again. I honor you today. You have been watching over us since you left this realm. We are all doing good despite the steps it took to get here. I know you are proud of us. It loudly speaks every time a new life is born. I wish my daughter and I were able to meet you. I know you and I would have had a good ole time cackling about life and our favorite things to do. I wish I could have sat at your feet to receive your wisdom. Life has a funny way of showing up unexpectedly. I’ve learned to walk it however way it comes. The chains are broken Grandmom. Folks may not get the message because they will be too busy condemning the messenger. It’s cool. I refuse to be in shackles. I AM FREE AND SO IS MY LINEAGE. Yes, we are still cleaning up the ashes, but I don’t live in shame because of it. I walk with POWER despite who gets uncomfortable. It is my birthright; my inherited legacy and I walk with humility and honor no matter what it looks like.

I guess that is part of the human experience, right?

Happy 97th birthday Grandmom Dorothy. You left a legacy of 9 children. 12 grandchildren. 19 great-grands. 6 great-great grands with more on the way. You were the missing piece of the puzzle and now your name shall and will be heard. From this day moving forward my little family will celebrate your life because you were full of it. Despite your imperfections. We all have them. You are royalty Mother Queen. Your existence built a nation of generations after you transitioned. I honor you just because it is Universal Law to do so.

I speak your name Grandmom Dorothy!!

May I do the best I can to continue this tradition through my daughter, nieces, and future descendants.

You matter Grandmom.

You are worthy.

You are loved.

You are POWER.

You are the Life Giver and the Life Source of this generation today.

May the Mother Queens who stand with you continue to walk with us through the Valley and Shadows of this distorted realm.

Rise Queen Mother Dorothy Rise. Happy Birthday Luv.

Today we will celebrate your day.

There is no cure for birth and death save to enjoy the interval. The dark background which death supplies brings out the tender colors of life in all their purity——— George Santayana

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