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Healing is Self-Care

The hardest pill for me to swallow as a parent was understanding my trauma is a symptom of my child’s conscious and unconscious behavior. Trauma is not an easy emotional behavior to just snap your fingers and then (POOF) it’s over. It is a lifetime healing process. For years, I was dealing with the traumas of my own upbringing. Including, what was already lurking through the seams of my DNA because of generational bondage. I didn’t have all of the tools to understand what the full dynamics of being a parent was about.

I am still learning my sacredness as a woman and a mother.

My daughter and I are transitioning into a different space in our relationship. This space is very difficult. However, I am comfortable with learning, understanding, and seeing things differently. Heck, my parents struggled in parenthood but that’s another story. One day my luv’s will forgive themselves. I’ll then write my story. My daughter’s father and I are still figuring it out. We just see life differently. And that’s okay. I now know at 42 years of age on how to navigate this life cycle a little bit differently.

More wisdom.

Cold truths.

I’m not afraid of what the rabbit hole entails. I just wanted to reveal my own truth to give a small glimpse about myself.

Our own personal suffering as parents keeps our babies enslaved from their higher purpose. Our plights of internal trauma that we keep trapped within our bodies is what keeps us from fully seeing the hardcore truth of ourselves and what goes on around us. It’s time to go within. This is what this RESET for the world is all about. Doing things from a grassroots standpoint with TRUTH, HONOR, AND INTEGRITY. Reclaiming what is ours and our time back. We have to forgive ourselves as parents for where we went wrong in our parenting. We didn’t have all the tools. But when you know better you do better.

Be consistent.

Be honest with your children. Mean what you say without excuses. If you need to clean yourself up in privacy in order to return to your family WHOLE. Do so. Get yourself help if needed. It’s alright. It’s better to start somewhere rather than turning your back and playing the blame game.

For so many of our black and brown children trauma is the overall symptom of their existence. They don’t even get a chance to breathe even while incubating in the womb. There are so many things to run down the list, but the overall phrase is: ENSLAVEMENT OF THE MIND, BODY, AND SPIRIT OF BLACK AND BROWN BODIES.

How can our babies understand their power if their DNA codes were HACKED?

It is imperative for us to understand the science of our pain and genocide. We have to stop being afraid of our internal pain and what our Ancestors experienced. Our purpose and assignments as humans are to pass raw uncut jewels to the next generation so they can assist with what FREEDOM LOOKS LIKE.

Generation Z will not be the end of this paradigm.

The reset button was pushed.

Are we ready to get on this RESET train?

Or will we continue to use shifty lies and miseducation to hold onto a system that is comfortable with staying stagnant in HATE culture?

We miss the messages of PEACE, LOVE, HONOR, AND EMPOWERMENT when we look for shiny trinkets and celebrities to be attached to grassroot projects. THE POWER IS IN THE PEOPLE!! Change is here and it isn’t going anywhere. It’s the Laws of The Most High. Our stubborn mentality with only examining life from one side of the coin is what keeps us from moving with vital force. It’s okay to not always be on the frontlines. A seed of purpose and intention can still be watered and used effectively if orchestrated correctly. I think we get too caught up with who has the longest resume with doing the healing work. Sometimes folks like to be quiet in how they move.

Does that make them unworthy of the mission?

We play the lock out game amongst each other as well.

It’s time to unplug from that narrative too. Everyone has a place and a purpose to move out with the FREEDOM PLAN.

As long as the intention is honorable.

With truth.

Behaves with integrity.

No demonic perversion.

And led with a Godly mission of peace and love. I’m for it.

Our children are not afraid to go all out. They just need an organized plan that can and will lead them into the future with a cause. This plan will need the parents, family, friends, and community to get involved. Get comfortable with saying: I am ready for change.

I choose to see my community flowing fruitfully and abundantly.

Be in gratitude with having everything God says we are supposed to have.

It’s time for HEALING!!

Healing starts with HOME FIRST.

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