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How Can We Change the Game?

The world is in crisis due to COVID-19. Our children have been deprived of their education, socialism and in some cases not having a consistent meal to eat. Our world is in famine in every circuit and corner of the earth. Just the other day Trump announced if schools refuse to open in late August or early September funding for states will be cut.

Now, let’s just sit in that for a second.

We are living in a global pandemic where elders, men, women, and children are dying or hospitalized due to corona. Betsy DeVos doesn’t have a clue on what to do in this matter. Truthfully, she was never qualified for the position at hand from the beginning. Yet, she was voted in without questions.

As an educator/behavioral technician for students ranging from grades K thru 12. It’s alarming to watch individuals who get elected in these spaces for education make decisions that does not serve the needs of students in the public school system effectively. Especially, in the inner-city communities. For years, I’ve watched districts bring in outside companies and parties to come in with ideas and gestures on how to reform education. These ideas have not served the needs of students. Educators are furious with executives who sit at the top giving orders on how to reshape and rebrand a system that truthfully needs to be completely dismantled for a new structure coming into the New World.

We are in the age of technology in which most inner-city schools barely have the funding to provide their children with the resources necessary to adapt in this new age. Black and brown children are “still” behind in reading, math, and science. Title 1 schools are struggling just to keep a consistent enrollment for the school to even stay open. Schools across urbanized areas are shutting down due to low enrollments.

Old buildings are deteriorating from the inside out.

Lack of funding.

Charter school takeovers.

Folks choosing to put their children in private institutions or moving out of the neighborhoods just so their child or children can receive a quality education. Now with this COVID pandemic, how will inner city children get the necessary services needed to assist with their learning?

Yes, there is virtual learning, and it works for some students. But, what about the children who don’t have the proper technology?

What about the parents who have limited resources with their own education?

How do they assist their children?

What about the students with an IEP and or a 504 plan who need hands on learning?

What about the students who have behavioral and emotional disabilities that receive resources from the school such as a Therapeutic Support Assistant/One to One?

How are they being served effectively during this pandemic?

It hurts my heart to consistently visualize and know that black and brown children are minimized and overlooked again. Teachers and supportive staff are doing the best they can with the tools they have to serve our children with quality education despite the turmoil we are experiencing right now at this moment. We all understand this coronavirus situation isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. This COVID is spiritual and bigger than just the virus.

That’s a whole different topic.

However, we know our children will not be able to return to school in these conditions. If we as teachers, administrators, and supportive staff had issues trying to get the students to follow the guidelines before corona. Can we imagine what it will be if they do return?

It’s impossible for this to occur.

What is the organized plan from those in power?

It is now time for parents and community to come together and think of a plan outside of the system so our babies can receive the proper resources they deserve. The virtual learning is fine. But every child is not inclined or set up to succeed in this manner. There are various ways with how children learn. Most are hands on learners. The million-dollar question is: How can we change the game in how we educate black and brown children while in these uncertain conditions?

I truly think it is time to flip the table and go within as a community to network, strategize, and get out of our petty feelings. Take our time to come together for a solution before our babies get too far behind in a system that is dedicated to seeing them self-destruct due to systematic oppression.

I am ready for a new way of doing things to serve our children outside of the system.

I am willing to start from scratch in order for us to rise above and see the sun in reference to black and brown children.

Are we all ready?

Or will we continue to complain and hope that the great white hype will get us out of this bondage?

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