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How Much Longer Do We Mourn Our Babies?

Updated: Feb 19

My heart mourns day in and day out watching the slaughtering of our young due to systematic oppression and racism. It hurts even more to watch our village continue to carry out the orchestrated plan. Too many of our beautiful brown sons and daughters are losing their lives on the account of our own transgressions.

The damage from this spiritual warfare is destroying our natural vibration as spiritual beings. It is time for a community meeting of the masses. I pray we can see the truth in our environment so we can give our future descendants some life.

The destruction of our communities has assisted with our children having a distorted vision in how they see the future. Some feel we don’t have a future. Pac, spoke it out into his lyrics with “Keep Your Head Up” in 93. I am doing the best I can not to hold onto that mantra. It’s disrespectful to what God asked of us and what our Ancestors prayed, slayed, marched, fought and died for. Though prophecy shall reveal its ugly head.

We have to BREATHE!!

Our community is losing the beauty in the way we once communed. We still have a vibe. Yet, it is losing the rhythm of the power we possess as Natural Resources of the Earth. We’ve been dishonorable to each other. Despite, if we want to recognize the cold hard facts or not. I pray for us to heal within. See ourselves in our darkness so we can shine in the light bright as the Sun. Our divinity is too precious to continuously treat it like the oppressors feed off of.

Our shame of generational trauma is the culprit in why our black diamonds are slipping away at alarming rates. We need HEALING. I know folks get tired of me saying: WE NEED HEALING!!

I will not give up on us. I refuse to dishonor God and my Ancestors by keeping those words to myself. We need to speak this affirmation daily. Put it into action. Do the best we can with shifting the gears to ride into FREEDOM. We can begin with doing the grassroots work with healing ourselves.

Taking a moment to see: Where am I in need of change so I can love my family and community from a different lens?

Our children are suffering from extreme bouts of depression, anxiety and ptsd on a daily. Just coming outside looking at the deteriorating buildings for numerous amounts of blocks. Human beings slumped around various neighborhoods for miles. At least once a week a father, mother, a family member, or neighbor is dead due to violence from our own or police brutality. Layered with the oppression lurking in the unseen. I refuse to engrain in my psyche this is normal.

How can our children breathe?

They are struggling to effectively explain what they need in a healthy manner. Extreme bouts of rage and emotional dysfunction shows up in how they see life. The schools are overwhelmed with children diagnosed with some form of mental, emotional. or behavioral disability. Substantial funding to provide adequate care for the needs of these students are limited.

How Much Longer Will We Mourn Our Babies?

I pray not too much longer. We need change and I don’t have all of the answers. But, I have enough to do my part to help see change with our beautiful blessings. I am ready for solutions and unity. I don’t want to be in spaces with my sisters and brothers fighting over petty nuances and superiority.

Our babies are dying!!

Change is here.

Freedom one day will ring.

I applaud and value the numerous amounts of black diamonds vibrating high to help assist in the change for our future. I love how this generation is not afraid to flip the game so “everyone” can eat fruitfully without hate. But, until “all” black and brown children are treated with their God given privilege to exist. Our community will perish and so will the world.




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