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I Don't Want To

I Don’t Want to Wait for What Rightfully Belongs to Me as a Black Woman

I Don’t Want to Ask If I Deserve My Own Birthright. My right was granted to me the moment my DNA codes were organized by the Divine Source who provides unlimited abundance and possibilities for me.

I Don’t Want to Wait for Unlimited abundance from other individuals’ resources. We live in a society that manipulates resources with a lack mindset, that keeps us as humans fighting and scratching to survive. Money is a necessity we are supposed to have in order to live our daily lives. However, is the way we orchestrate the energy of its supply keeping us in survival and lack mode? …… (You can have money and still behave in lack)

I Don’t Want to Fit in Spaces who don’t accept me. F*** em….

I Don’t Want to Explain why I need to:


Mind my business.

Drink my water or wine.

Socialize when I feel like it.

Choose to live my life with a woman—Or why I embrace my blackness and love walking in my Brown Divinity.

I Don’t Want to Explain why I am creating a way for me to manifest my own resources.

I Don’t Want to Explain How I praise God. That’s Our Business

I Don’t Want to Explain how my healing is supposed to look to others. I am unpacking layers of misconceptions of who and what a woman is “supposed” to be. These outdated narratives have driven a wedge into how we as black women embrace who we are internally and externally.

I Don’t Want to Explain if my body is acceptable to the masses who create unrealistic images of a black woman’s body. We come in different sizes and statures. We are beautiful despite the lies they create. It’s just that simple.

I Don’t Want to Explain the way I wear my hair. Black women wear the flyest creations known to man. We Are the Culture.

Enough said!!

As a woman, you get tired of overly exhausting your mind and voice explaining the who, what, and why of your existence.

I had to really sit myself down and have an accountability conference about my own foolishness.

Reprogramming ourselves from old, outdated behaviors is overwhelming at times. Yet, necessary— all in the same breath. I have accepted madness that never really belonged to me in the first place.

Unlearning to Learn a new way of the journey ain’t too bad. Though, I honor all of the greatness that molded me into who I am today. I am still a: “I wish a negro would….” type of woman.

That will never die!!

If I didn’t define myself for myself, I would be crunched into other people’s fantasies for me and eaten alive. —-Audre Lorde

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