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Keep Going

In a world that is fighting to see the truth of its origins. Most of us are doing the work to break free of those wounds and insecurities that keep us from evolving into our highest self. Folks get angry when others make a choice to tell their stories. I think it’s the hidden guilt within that makes them get triggered while hearing it. We all want FREEDOM in some form or another. Yet, we still try to muzzle the mouths of others to keep lies hidden. The answer to this infection is: KEEP GOING!!

Feed yourself with the spiritual medicine and other practices to break free of these attachments despite the journey. Some folks will fight you. Some folks will stay. Others will walk away. All three is just fine. Just stay in your purpose of healing so you can move forward in your personal peace.

I respect all individuals who are doing the work to heal their secret wounds. Whether it’s private or in public. We don’t get to dictate how the story of someone else’s journey is supposed to be told. It’s theirs. Not yours. We all have the privilege to change our visual algorithms if you don’t like the programming. It’s just that simple.

The one thing I’ve learned about this crafty realm is to take control of your own story. Never be ashamed of your experiences. Your experiences are your power. Use it for your assigned PURPOSE once you build a relationship with the egotistical ugly side of self. Healing is a daily job. The journey never ends. I laugh when I see folks say: Why does he or she tell their business on social media?...Lol, everybody ain’t scared of who they are. Some of us use our experiences to heal within. Some of us don’t mind sharing their journey for free. Everything is not a profit!!…Some folks are comfortable with explaining the good, bad, and ugly of who they are. They want to learn and see life differently instead of staying in FEAR CAGES that infect their souls. At the end of the day, folks will grind you up no matter how you choose to live your life. You can behave HOLIER THAN THOU and folks still got a slick tongue in how you choose to live. You’ll drive yourself crazy worrying about those who don’t agree with how “YOU” find your peace.

Our human experience is only for a moment. Stay the course in your peace no matter how loud the noise gets. Walk with God no matter what religious sector you choose. Folks love to condemn and hold you in spaces that you’ve worked hard to outgrow. I notice folks don’t like to change the way they say they do. We like for people and things to stay the same. We don’t like when folks create boundaries and use their voice to say: NO MORE. I guess people think using your past is a way to manipulate or throw shade against who you are today. Heck, all of us have a past that we’ve made a conscious decision to walk away from. Never live with one regret wanting to love yourself whole in all of your imperfections.

Why be ashamed of who you once were?

Why entertain individuals who were never a solid entity in your life in the first place?

We miss out on fruitful relationships trying to control what we think folks’ lives should be.


Your happiness and life assignment are not meant for folks to understand. It’s personal between You and God. Strive for duality while working through your imbalance. Either folks will get on board with your change, or they’ll flee.



The road in healing is lonely.

Yet, it is beautiful all in the same breath. Naysayers lurk in the cut waiting to see if you slip up as if healing is so full of light. Understanding who you are is not all unicorns and rainbows. The shedding process is never easy. It’s linear.

What does it mean to be completely healed in a distorted and sick society?


Boundaries are truly your best friend. Our old patterns need brand new systems. You find LOVE in the most sacred space of all: WITHIN SELF. While folks continue to talk slick about who you once were and still working through.


Healing is a lifetime journey. It never gets a day off. Take time to rest yourself. Solitude is part of the journey. It is SELF CARE. It’s none of folks’ business how you find your PEACE.

Power is in the mind.

Power is in the heart.

Power is in your spirit and soul.

Power is in your creativity.

Power is in your voice.

Power is in your existence.


(GOD said you could)

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