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Lady Justice

The scales on her arms are not balanced.

The blindfold wrapped around her eyes doesn't see the humanity of black and brown people in this country.

Lady Justice is not a woman. She is an imaginary image created by a demonic patriarchal society that is based on power, money, and elitism.

Those who created her image use the Holy Book as an example to tell the truth. When in reality the system itself is a complete LIE.

It's a pyramid of positions within the justice system that plays (Good vs Evil) amongst each other.

Good Cop. Bad Cop.

Corrupt Judges

Corrupt Lawyers

Corrupt District Attorneys

Corrupt Politicians

And a host of secret societies and groups who keep these parasites in position to continuously infect the people with lies.

Immoral consciousness.

Bloody intentions.

And Sacrificial flesh to feed their neurotic delusions.

Lady Justice doesn't play fair.

She only serves freedom according to what the oppressors who control her say.

The system is not aligned with the Divine Source AT ALL!!

It's organized, strategized, and created by Earthly Masters who lie, cheat, steal, kill, manipulate, and oppress those who they deem is of less value.

Lady Justice, you are being violated everyday just like real life women who are abused from an oppressed patriarchal society.

Take off your blindfold Justice

It is time for you to see the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Are you afraid to see that your system needs to be destroyed and restored for future generations?

Are you afraid to tell the truth that you don't see black and brown people as humans?

Are you afraid to tell the truth about your pyramid scheme when positions and ranking is concerned?

Lady Justice, we know you are crying behind that blindfold.

Your attribute as a woman is being used for sick minds and hearts.

Those who are there to serve goodness of the people are tired of the corruption as well.

Yet, they have to honor the codes of the brotherhoods who've created this system.

Free yourself Lady Justice.

Balance the scales the way an honest woman truly would.

Take off the blindfold and see the vision clearly for who and what it is.

Until then, you will forever cry in silence.

The blood and the souls of black men, women and children will continue to be exterminated due to your lack of showing up in HUMILITY, HONOR AND TRUTH.

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