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Loving Malcolm

Updated: Feb 19

Today we love and honor the birth of Malcolm Little aka “Malik El Shabazz” or “Malcolm X”. He was born May 19, 1925, in Omaha, Nebraska. Born to Louise Norton Little and Earl Little. We honor his parents for sharing such a Great King with us. He stood for the rights of black men, women, and children. His love for The Divine Source led him through the Valley and Shadow of Death.

If he feared evil, we didn’t see it. His beautiful wife Betty Shabazz also played a role in his pilgrimage for social justice and human rights. M19/2020alcolm’s love for Allah and his dedication to the FREEDOM of melanated people was his underlying driving force. He was patient with his teachings. The way he articulated every side of supremacy was part of the blueprint in which our Ancestors set the tone for.

I am forever grateful!!

During his travels across the country, he used his voice to speak about the genocide of Black America. Malcolm spoke with tough love to non-melanated people as well as our own people. His voice was Clear. Direct. Stern and magnetic. When he spoke, the world listened. Malcolm’s clarity and discernment was gifted from the Divine’s everlasting source. I thank you Brother Malcolm for behaving with NO FEAR.

I thank you for doing your best to walk with integrity and honor in a land that labeled you a terrorist. A communist. A racist. And all things that only the Wizard behind the curtain would display. The more you spoke Truth to Power. The more the Wizard used his magic to assassinate your flesh. The Land of Oz has so many enemies against melanated people.

Sometimes the vision gets blurred in our own villages, yet we move forward. From 1952-1965 you planted seeds that were larger than a mustard seed. You were a visionary. You manifested for generations to come. Malcolm shouted his faith and religion to the roof tops. He understood there was no other way to migrate in the rabbit hole. Malcolm was the epitome of WALKING IN FAITH AND NOT BY SIGHT.

We love you!!

Malcolm sacrificed his flesh day after day. He received death threats.

His home was bombed.

There were threats against his Wife and Children.

They orchestrated lies to discredit his character.

Even our own people were used as part of the plan.

His vision for a better tomorrow will NEVER DIE. Malcolm’s spirit is Alive right now in 2020. In 1965, before his beautiful life was taken away from us. He warned us about the deceit of the media. Malcolm stated: The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and make the guilty innocent. That’s power. Why? Because they control the minds of the masses”.

Today, I know you are in the Ancestral realm speaking life over us to keep the fight going by “Any Means Necessary.” No matter how big or small we collectively do our works in our respected communities. The rights for our humanity will always be an act of WAR.


I lit a candle in your honor to say thank you for your work and dedication for the EMPOWERMENT of Black People.

Thank You, for letting us know we MATTER. Thank You for exampling what Community Activism looks like.

We Thank You Divine Creator for giving us Malcolm through his earthly parents. There will never be another Malcolm. Let us continue to do our best to love each other and do the work Malcolm risked his life for.



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