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Mask Off

We do ourselves a disservice when we worry about what others think. It took me almost half of my life to process: Be okay with individuals who are committed to misunderstanding you. The road to accepting your full self is uncomfortable. You shed different phases of your being to recognize the origins of your path. Identifying generational wounds assist with the healing within. The dark hole of our inner beings carry secrets, lies, despair, hurt, insecurities, and shame. Your spirit lacks its full ability to be at peace when we hold onto attachments. Talk to your insecurities to see the triggers that secretly hide behind the mask we show to the world. Tell the truth of what’s happening inside of your mind and body temple. Most of us are too afraid to speak the truth of ourselves. We worry more about the opinions of others than we do our own well-being.

The hardest task in life is seeing the truth of yourself.

A lot of us don’t want to see the part we play in our own dysfunction. We feel our degrees, cars, homes, clothes, money, jewelry, and other necessities are the key to our success. Materialism is an illusion to keep you from seeing the ugly side of self. Statistics prove you can have all of the riches in the world but still lack honest humility. Humans really are afraid of the dark. Our kryptonite lies within the dark. It gives us a clearer discernment in how we navigate in this illusion we call life. One of the gems I’ve obtained in life is: “titles don’t matter”.

Too much emphasis goes into holding onto relationships and arrangements that don’t celebrate our humanity. We can’t help what we were given in life. However, we do have the power to change the dynamics that doesn’t serve our highest good.

Healing is not always peaches and cream. There are days when you back slide into those old habits and you have to recenter yourself back in alignment.

Healing requires solitude from the chaotic noise of others.

Healing requires having honest conversations about the who. What? When? Where? Why? and How?

Healing requires you to NEVER GO BACK TO WHAT BROKE YOU!!

Healing requires you to have control over your head to make decisions that you don’t need a second or third opinion about.

Healing requires for you to CHECK YOURSELF in whatever nonsense you bring to table.

Healing requires SILENCE. Even when you know you should address it. Just stay SILENT!!

Healing requires you to show up every day for your life.

Healing requires forgiveness in self and others

Healing requires not living with regrets

Healing is retreating back to the drawing board to create a more peaceful lane for your journey. Some folks will stay, and others will magically fall off. Either way stay the course in healing.

The truth always has a funny way of showing up despite how folks will do everything in their power to keep it suppressed. You can’t hide from yourself for too long.

2020, is more than just God’s revelation of the truth behind the veil. It is also our time to take off the fake mask we comfortably wear in this 3D arena of life.

We all wear mask, and the time comes when we cannot remove them without removing some of our own skin — Andre’ Berthiaume

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