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Planting Seeds

Updated: Feb 19

I woke up this morning feeling as if I’m in the movie “Groundhog Day”. The constant cycle of repeating the same habitual habits has reached its tipping point. I wrote in a post on my Facebook page saying: I’m tired of black people having to die in order to know what peace feels like.

Racism has this distorted vision that black people’s lives have NO VALUE. The racism in this country runs so deep in the rabbit hole it hurts just to type this blog post. Racism hates our babies before they can even be formed into human life. Our babies have to live in a world that considers them less than human before the womb. During the incubation stage. And after. How can you breathe in a healthy functioning manner when this type of sick behavior is placed upon you?

There’s a financial price tag on our baby’s trinity. Their flesh, spirit, and soul. Supremacy wants to rob our men, women, and children of their humanity at any cost. There’s a wizard behind the curtain who doesn’t want to live in peace. Power and Prestige is all they know. They don’t want to give black children a chance to be free. Black children in America have to behave as an adult at such young ages. Developmentally, they are robbed of their cognitive, mental, emotional, and spiritual progression.

Children are granted too much unhealthy access to the world with just a handheld gadget. They get to see loud, live and in color police officers murdering their neighbors and community around the country. Children are taught to look at law enforcement with admiration and respect. They are told officers protect and serve communities. Yet, their visual realm gives them a different perception. Especially, when they watch officers harm those who look like them. It’s confusing to a child’s cognitive function.

Watching this form of trauma alternates a child’s visual of how he processes and behaves. As a Paraprofessional/Behavior Technician, I see the effects of what trauma does to our children. The education system is doing the best they can to provide communities with trauma inflicted services for families.

Yet, there is still an overwhelming need to serve black and brown communities across the board. As a parent, it is complicated explaining to a child who naturally has love in their heart the dysfunctions of racism. Racism is taught. It’s a structure and system to their hate. Educate your babies about racism. I think we do our babies a disservice not explaining the truth about what racism is and how the fine prints of their laws are meant to destroy us. Some of us think once we’ve made it, we are not like those who are still struggling.

We’ve allowed them to separate and divide us in those aspects as well. Their magic tricks are so crafty that we see the writing on the wall and still choose to ignore it. Racism is a spiritual disorder. None of its origins is Godly. The blood, sweat, pain, sufferings, lynching’s, tears, joy, laughter, hope, and faith of our Ancestors consciously and unconsciously shows up in our DNA. The effect of slavery is embedded in the bone marrow of our existence. When we see one of our people abused or killed by non melanated people. It triggers our psyche.

We feel the aches so deep in our spirits that it keeps us in a fight or flight state. Our trauma wounds need healing. America’s wizards enjoy their secret snares and lies they mastermind amongst the people. Whiteness also programmed their own tribe with this sick spell. It’s an act of human genocide as well. If Lady Liberty doesn’t repent her ways.

Most of us have assimilated into that great white hype. Racism makes us hate ourselves, our families, and our communities. The spirit of evil uses written laws to carry out their orchestrated plan. Non melanated folks are scared to look in the mirror. They know their reflection and privilege is the core of American society and its origins.

Until they learn to get out of their privilege the boomerang effect of what their Ancestors, living elders, and family members continue to display will get exposed through our camera phones and post. This is the reflection in the mirror they refuse to address. It is time for us to fertilize the soil in America and plant new seeds. Use clean and honest water that effectively weed out racism and bigotry.

When Tupac said: It ain’t no hope for the youth. And the truth it ain’t no hope for the future. I love brother Pac, but I refuse to hang on to that mantra. I believe in the power of our Divine Creator. We have to recognize our faults in how we taint the community as well. Do the proper healing work so we can save our babies and families. God made it clear that he granted Man all of the resources necessary to function here on Mother Earth. I think we’re just too afraid of a True Revolution. May we say a prayer for the world today.

Speak truth to power that we will achieve FREEDOM. We need more LOVE. NO WAR. NO RACISM. NO MORE OF ANY ‘ISMS’

No one is free. Until everyone is free— Fannie Lou Hamer

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