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It’s something about black women getting together to laugh, commune, cry, release, and behave in joy that is POWERFUL. Being able to create safe spaces for one another is necessary as we continue to function in a world that is committed to demeaning our value and worth. True Sisterhood’s build nations and villages. We are the portals that breathe and give life for humanity to co-exist here on Mother Earth.

  • As Black Women we deserve to be loved WHOLE

  • We deserve to exist in trustworthy spaces to protect our humanity

  • We deserve to be able to be vulnerable at all times without feeling ashamed or victimized

  • We deserve to take our time to HEAL our childhood traumas and hidden wounds

  • We deserve to TELL OUR TRUTH without getting attacked and called bitter for our justified pain of what folks have given us

  • We deserve compassion and empathy towards one another as women

  • We deserve to tell our stories with other women without having to worry if your character is being slandered behind the scenes

  • We should be able to commune without having secret jealousy and envious behaviors towards one another

  • We deserve to be easy on ourselves. Provide consistent self-care for self. As well as return the same love to other women.

  • We deserve to have healthy relationships with black men without getting mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and sexually abused

  • We deserve to pray for one another despite religious doctrines telling us we can only socialize with those of the same worship. Prayer is Prayer. GOD IS OMNIPOTENT AND BIGGER THAN OUR MAN-MADE POLICIES. As long as it’s fruitful and not preying on another woman’s downfall. WE ALL NEED EACH OTHER.

  • We deserve to tell each other we LOOK BEAUTIFUL without secret HATE.

We deserve to be in loving spaces AT ALL TIMES. Feeling protected by our families, friends, partners, neighbors, and community.

Black Women loving each other is GODLY.

It’s Revolutionary despite the illusion that gets told. Our healing builds nations when we are thriving in LOVE and PEACE. When we get in FORMATION, there is nothing we can’t do in this world. It really grinds my gears when folks expect us to behave in perfection. Perfectionism is a myth. It is also another form of mental bondage and keeping a woman from finding her TRUE DIVINITY. I know I’ve fell into these narratives at times. It damn near put me six feet under walking in that nonsense. Trying to fit in spaces that I know was abusive to my SOUL.

Sisterhood is TRIBAL. We should protect each other at all costs.

Sisterhood is calling each other out on our b******t with compassion, empathy, and love

Sisterhood is nurturing each other back to health when we are in turmoil

Sisterhood is a Divine Experience

So many women are struggling to have honest relationships with other women due to the dishonesty and lack of integrity some women have. We carry that baggage into other connections unconsciously. The snippy and cunning attitudes needs to STOP. It keeps us from having the JOY AND PEACE we deserve to have in friendships. When you have that AH HA moment of clarity to HEAL WITHIN. You come to a new understanding of what you fully deserve with everything in your life. You start to create boundaries around what doesn’t serve you. Sisterhood requires HONESTY, TRUTH, and INTEGRITY. Being okay with building SACRED COMMUNION amongst one another.

Sisterhood is Royalty.

Fix a woman’s crown even if she is not in your circle. WE ARE EACH OTHER’S KEEPER. I AM MY SISTER

Black Women Are the Key to Civilization.


Psalms 120:7-8

My soul hath long dwelt with him that hateth peace

I am for peace: but when I speak my words are for war.

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