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Time in Now

The world is in crisis due to the unrighteous behaviors of American leadership.

All around the country you see peaceful protest alongside with unrest.

Unemployment is at an all-time high.

Poverty continues to rise.

Anxiety about the state of our future on this soil is uncertain.

Our education system in all respected categories have transitioned to online/distance learning.

Under privileged communities are struggling with our new wave of learning.

Lack of financial resources cripple educators with providing the information our children need to move forward to compete in a new era designed for technology.

Teachers and staff are frustrated with our "new normal".

Despite the circumstances, educators still move forward with being the superheroes that they truly are. Children have not seen their teachers, extended staff members, or peers since this past March due to COVID-19. The stress brewing in our babies cannot be ignored. Even if you may not see your child's frustration. There is still an underlying awareness of their daily routines being affected. The time is now to sit and dialog with your children about the unrest they see going on around this country.

There are ways to communicate with young children about their daily lives. As parents we want to protect our children from the weights of this world. Our world can be a complicated topic to explain. A good way to help them relieve their stress is talking to them about their day.

Ask them how do their bodies feel internally?

Does it feel jumpy inside?

Are you happy?



Worried? or Angry?

If they have a hard time using their language to express their emotions. Use your tablet or phone to pull up a " Feelings and Emotions Chart". It will give children a visual of what different emotions look like. Have them point to the particular picture so they can express their emotions. Create dialog to help them release their tension. Break down small, detailed language for their developmental stages. We sometimes get caught up in our own stress we forget our little ones have emotions too.

Use the essence of morning energy for them to share their thoughts. Specifically, after they eat a healthy breakfast. Their brains are more balanced with the proper nutrients. Take a morning walk with them to talk about whatever it is they need assistance with. You can develop topics as well to see how they envision their surroundings. Dialog about the conditions that are happening in our country. Now more than ever is the time to have open communication about racism with our children. Due to our own lack of knowledge and fear, we as parents forget our children have opinions about our society as well. There are various ways to break down the structure of what racism does to humanity.

You can use cartoon characters to create stories as a way to be creative and communicate. A friend of mine explained she used the fundamentals of video games to dialog with her son. I thought it was a dope idea. Using crayons can be a great reference to explain the differences of color. Make a day of arts and crafts to create hand or sock puppets. Use the puppets as a way to assist children with expressing their emotions. Give the puppets fun names. Create a storyline that is engaging and animated. Children love that. Imaginative play builds their cognitive function. It also builds children language skills as well. Empowering children with knowledge of their culture can assist with combating the ignorance with their peers and adults.

Our babies have a secret power that helps improve our vision in how we can do a better job in healing the world. Parents can also create an in-home camping site to discuss these matters. Use bed sheets or furniture coverings. Alongside with dining room chairs or sturdy holdings that can assist in creating the illusion of a camping tent. Place blankets in the tent. Add some pillows. Have a few flashlights to give it an outdoor vibe? Google “Nature Sounds” from your phone to add a vibe for your fun evening with the children. Make some healthy snacks that are based around going camping with family.

Instead of the usual campfire stories try to create a story in reference to racism. Organize a home plan of what you and your family’s role can be to make change.

Have Q & A about the importance of why everyone must play a role in destroying this monster.

It is "our" job as parents to educate our children for a world that disregards their existence due to the color of their skin. In order for a brighter future our youth must get involved. I think as early as 4-5 years of age.

However, it is up to the parents’ discretion in the end. Teaching them the power of their melanin and how beautiful we are is one form of protection. Prayer, Prayer, and more Prayer over their existence. Remind them daily they are worthy. Even when the world tells them they are not. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. Give them the keys to dismantle negative thoughts of self at an early age. Create at least 5 affirmations that are vital to the uplifting of black children. Here are a few examples you can use, or you can create your own:






Start with a few they can remember and work your way up.

There are tons of opinions of the state of our youth in America. At this point, there is no room to keep ignoring the plights of Black America. For generations our children have been targeted through every sector of society. Enough is enough. Change is here. Our struggle to understand the unrest will keep us from moving forward as a community. The conversations of racism should begin in the home. Our children should be equipped to handle a system that is dedicated to exterminating their lineage. The trauma of slavery unconsciously pushes us to turn the other cheek within our own communities.

It is okay to teach our children the beauty of being Descendants of Enslaved Africans.

Our Ancestors paved the way for us to be where we are today. Despite the struggles to get here. The distorted effect of slavery keeps us in spiritual bondage. We have to be honest about the trauma we continue to implode in our babies as well.

We've turned down our blackness to appease European standards in order for us to achieve the so-called American Illusion. The time is now to re-shift our culture in our communities. We can't look for others to teach our children self-worth and dignity. It is our job. We must hold our community accountable as well. Our roots are dying. It is time to Uproot. Water. Relearn. Reroute and Re-shift our thinking while transitioning into a New World.

Our Children

Our Community

Our Responsibility

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