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Why Do We Limit and Devalue One Another?

Our need to control others humanity extends from selfish gains and manipulation we consciously and unconsciously perpetuate on one another. We do it in order to have power and control over one’s being. It boggles my brain to see and hear folks get agitated when they see folks striving to successfully gain everything they deserve in this lifetime. We all deserve to have a piece of the pie of joy, love, peace, and abundance.

Folks get angry when they see others traveling and living their best life

Folks hate to congratulate others with pure intentions and a clean heart

Folks get angry when they see others buying homes or going back to school

Folks get angry when they see others find the love of their lives to eventually settle down and get married

Folks get angry at individuals who decide to create avenues that can and will bring peace to their communities.

Folks get angry with how you spend your hard-earned dollars

Folks get angry at how others choose their fashion choices

Folks get angry with others who choose to commune and align with being whole

Folks get angry if others decide to manifest their lives bigger than the average vision

Folks get angry when others choose to move into safer neighborhoods for their peace of mind and families

Folks get angry about one’s sexuality

Folks get angry if you don’t play follow the leader and agree with social programming

Folks get angry reading other people’s social media post, or they stalk and follow individuals who they don’t like

Folks get angry when others choose to find their happiness and calling in their choice of religion and spiritual practices

Folks get angry when others choose to be in peace away from the loud hateful chatter and opinions

I just don’t understand why individuals waste so much precious energy worrying about others. Especially since the Divine Creator has allowed the sun to rise and set on every human being with equal balance. We all have 24 hours in a day to sit and think about what our next moves should be for the betterment of our lives. Peace is a choice. It is a behavior that is granted to all of us despite the illusions that is orchestrated to keep us from seeing that peace and freedom is obtainable.

Why do we limit each other’s growth?

We say we want FREEDOM, but our mindsets are trained for war and survival tactics. That ugly need to hold on to FEAR and HATE is what keeps us two stepping in the Twilight Zone. I just want to see humanity love each other despite what the enemy conjures up to keep us at WAR with ourselves and each other. We owe it to our Divine Source, ourselves, our children, our partners, families, and communities to operate in peace.

Today’s generation is breaking down barriers to prove that we can live in a world of harmony despite what the OLD WORLD has systematically organized. The fight to exist on Mother Earth is exhausting at times. When you look around and see all of the racism, genocide, poverty, social injustice, education disparities, economic gaps, food shortages, contaminated water, sexual deviancy, lies and illusion. You become numb and out of sync from the truth. Humanity is operating on borrowed time. The clock is ticking for us to dismantle the HATE so we can LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE and be in PEACE. The madness we continue to project on each other is a symptom of distorted illusions and ego. One day it will all make sense.

The mind that perceives the limitation is the limitation — Buddha

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